Aisthaet guided by the obsession of the anti-standard pursues its search by creating leather jackets realized in Paris without compromise between craftmanship and innovation.

Opus II – Interferences

After an initial chapter establishing the conceptual and “anti-stylistic” foundation of the brand, Ludovic Alban. is expanding this permanent dialogue between classic and modern. Without opposing them, he is working on establishing a relevant synthesis by transgressing certain rules in cutting and in the search for materials through a merging of sportswear and outerwear, craftsmanship and ready-to-wear.

The more focused Aisthaet’s concept becomes, the more the expression “wearing your leathers” makes sense. Your leather, your own leather, a sustainable, desirable and customizable incarnation, because it is now available in Made To Order, thanks to highly responsive Parisian workshops.

Another dual achievement is the fact that Ludovic, being deeply concerned with the environment and sustainable development, was adamant about working with a particularly virtuous Tuscan tannery.


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