ANCOR is a Menswear Brand. Starting from the basics, we make modern pieces with an urban twist.

For each of them, we pay extreme attention to details, most notably in the finish and the sourcing of the fabrics that we carefully selected from Japan, France, Belgium, Italy and England.

Each collection is designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal near Porto. We work with family-owned factories that share a common passion for precision and excellence in assembling ourvision.

 ANCOR is a collective project where we like to involve like-minded creatives: photographs,film directors, models, graphic designers, musicians. Their multiple talents help us to move forward and to keep our eyes wide open. That’s why we cherish what we do.

ANCOR roots itself in Paris. This vibrant and hectic city is at the heart of our creative vision. It is the foundation of our identity and nourishes our boards of inspiration every day.

For the SS19 collection, we explored the air bases in the outskirts where one can smell the foggy, exciting and misty atmosphere of travels. Those places away from the crowd are the perfect

landscape to start dreaming and wandering.

So we injected some of the aviation codes throughout the collection like radar patterns, colors, aerial signals. Through this theme, we want to stress our ambition to continue exploring and creating.

This collection is an invitation to step in with us.


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