The word Beton (concrete) refers to the codes of urban street culture that the company’s designer uses to inspire her collections. Ciré (slicker) is a nod to the yellow slickers worn by sailors in Brittany. The resulting name evokes waves crashing on asphalt, one of the images designer Amélie Le Roux imagined in 2013 when she created Béton Ciré.

The line takes inspiration from the city, the sea and voyages. The designer wants to embellish the pates of urban pirates around the world with a new take on Miki, the authentic Brittany sailor beanie. She was inspired by her grandfather, a native of Quimper, who wore the hat in every type of weather on land or sea.

Thus Miki became the iconic piece of this young Paris-based brand. Halfway between a watch cap and beanie, it has no visor - so it can’t blow away - and it doesn’t cover the ears so the wearer can hear the crashing waves. Today, Béton Ciré’s Miki has evolved to become a unisex, timeless accessory.

This high-end product is manufactured in France by hat craftsmen in noble, authentic materals.

For the past few seasons, Béton Ciré has also offered new shapes in a desire to become an essential reference for headwear.


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