Bourrienne Paris X, founded in 2017, is a white shirt label exclusively for men. The line reinvents the white shirt by reviving exceptional details from the past. Taking inspiration in the codes of elegance from yesterday or today, it transforms this “uniform piece” into a common denominator between past and present. The line’s eight models offer the right balance between uniqueness and modernity while appropriating the mono-product concept in a reinterpretation of collars, bib fronts and cuffs …

Entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder was seduced by the history of the Hotel de Bourrienne, a forgotten jewel of the Directoire era when a circle of intellectuals from Talleyrand to Bonaparte, in passing by Chateaubriand and Victor Hugo, spent time at literary salons in and around this private residence. Beigbeder bought the hotel a few months ago and restored it with an eye turned towards the future. And his newest project, a collection of timeless men’s shirts, is inspired by the white shirts worn by men during the Directoire period. He enlisted designer Cécile Faucheur to create the first Bourrienne Paris X collection. The result? Eight styles in a delicate, skillful exercise that captures the technical and stylistic nuances of this essential piece of the masculine wardrobe.


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