«De Bonne Facture’: a French phrase to describe a work of quality, be it a piece of art, literature or an object.»

De Bonne Facture is an understated men's wardrobe designed to last through time. We aim to build a library of clothes that will live and age with their owner, telling his story. Edition after edition, we revisit menswear essentials, with special attention to fabric, cut and quality of make. We source natural fabrics with authentic textures, carefully working with specialist mills. Our care for details can be seen inside as well as outside the garment. Horn buttons from the Jura mountains, fineness of stitching, precise seams, and finishes. 

We believe that the way a garment is made gives it a special soul. 

We have selected specialist French and north Italian ateliers to manufacture our pieces, developing strong ties with each of them. Tailoring, shirting, knitting, tie-making, each has its know-how, often family-owned, they have a story to tell. 

Therefore each of our pieces comes with a hangtag with the name, location, and history of the atelier that made it. A gauge of quality.


Collection Edition 13 Automne Hiver 2019

De Bonne Facture edition 13 is inspired by the timeless style of French writers and playwrights, and vintage advertisements from late 1980s French classic brands. 

Working from a selection of high-quality natural fabrics, with a color range of deep browns, honey, and ecrus, the collection ranges from oversized coats, woolen unstructured jackets, and needlecord relaxed trousers and shirts, completed with a selection of knits in undyed, ecological wool & alpaca mix. It also features Pyrenean outerwear wool from the «auroise» sheep breed that is spun and woven locally by French artisans.

The overall look is natural, elegant, and relaxed, with special attention to detail and finishing. as always, it is made by a selection of handpicked specialist ateliers in France and introducing at a family-owned knitter in northern Italy as well. 


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De Bonne Facture, 10 rue de Crussol 75011 Paris