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A line of clothes for men who like to be elegant. The designs, androgynous and unisex with pure lines and cuts, convey a mood between British charm and French elegance. 

The #Nodenim Suits & Jeans collection is made up of androgynous, straight-cut, short blazers as well as essential the #NoDenim jeans whose name comes from their cuts and codes – not their fabric. The line’s fabrics include high-quality tweeds, wool flannels and Italian cottons. 

With a trompe-l’oeil flair and the idea of rediscovering the man’s wardrobe, the brand’s universe takes inspiration from Henri Dupuy de Lôme, a famous late-19th century French engineer, inventor and ancestor of the label’s designer Magali B. Roussel. Among his creations, he invented the first operational dirigible airship before the advent of electricity (thus the company’s logo evoking dreams and innovation) and the Gymnote, the world’s first torpedo submarine that inspired Jules Verne to create the Nautilus in his famous book “20,000 leagues under the sea”. 


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