Eden Park is the world’s leading premium fashion brand, inspired by rugby. The brand is authentic and contemporary, genuine and elegant. 

It is ingenious, unexpected and upholds a French style of expertise and design. 

In 1987 when Frank Mesnel and Eric Blanc had the idea of creating a rugby-inspired fashion brand and reflecting French Flair, the name Eden Park and the pink bow tie for a logo were obvious choices.  

Frank Mesnel had just played in the World Cup Final and the pink bow tie had become the symbol of Racing Club de France’s success on French soil during the 1986-87 season. 

30 years on, the Parisian Fashion House of the pink bow tie continues to move along the road to victory. Its innovative expertise and touch of “je ne sais quoi” results in each of its pieces and stores being inspired by French tradition and sets up its unique brand identity.  

The brand knows how to reproduce its love of detail—which remains one of the key characteristics of the brand—with a blend of irreverence, boldness and of the offbeat, right down to the last detail. 

Two key themes run through the Spring/Summer 2019 collection: a sportswear theme that brings into play the brand’s 

sporting roots, and an urban look inspired by a vintage, Hawaiian floral theme. There are also mini-capsule lines within this theme, including « The Collector » and A World Cup capsule collection. 


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10-12 rue de Mont Louis, 75011 Paris, France