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GEYM’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection is faithful to our movement and protection concept, our will to get a proposal biding the west and the east, from California to Asia. This season, we drop our suitcases in California, home of Sun and Endless Summer, to explore American sports and in particular, base-ball.  

US sports equipments have integrated our everyday dressing room for a long time as they strongly influenced the hiphop culture especially since the 80s. We could find also base-ball influences in pop culture i.e. the Warriors movie. American athletic gears always represented a combination of comfort and style which belong to Geym’s DNA. 

Base-ball outfits’s style hasn’t evolve that much over the years with their shirts and pants remaining a bridge between sports and ready-to-wear.  What could be tailoring sport gear with pinstripes and embroidery.

We adapted this sport theme to the current most advanced technology in terms of ventilated fabric and protection such as a high-quality stretch mesh. 

Outerwear will come in a super-light  ripstop nylon waterproof and breathable. Over-shirts, pants and shorts will be available in DOT-AIR, invisibly micro-perforated fabric, which is highly ventilated and fresh.  The palette color will cover red, blues, and green. 


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