Paris-based luxury brand, Giorgio &Mario was founded thirty years ago, and it has become an international reference for high-end furs and leathers lovers ever since.

The workshop and the showroom are located at the heart of the Marais, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Paris. Each item is designed by experienced team with a vision for latest fashion trends, and every piece is made with French “Savoir-Faire” and the attention to detail.

Every year, the brand launches two collections, Spring/Summer collection contains leather jackets, tops, dresses, and pants…… all made in our workshop in Paris. With regard to Fall/Winter collection, various materials such as leathers, furs, kashmir, wool, textile are used in order to create the luxurious sensation. The modern, classic designs as well as high-quality products have always been the brand’s DNA, a promise that Giorgio & Mario always fulfills to its customers.

This winter, the brand presents the major inspiration: Return to nature.

Three capsule collections are made with a vintage touch of animal prints, reminding the wearer the savannah in an urban way; bold zip design and a blend of several materials (mongolian fur, merino wool, rabbit rex…) are applied to create the bourgeois dress code. Furthermore, the oversized trend is integrated perfectly with a burst of colors.


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13 rue des fontaines du temple, 75003 Paris