From the beginning, Harris Wilson has been all about knitwear, like a comfy sweater that you may have borrowed from a friend one chilly summer evening, only to "forget" to return...

It's this story--like a simple red thread--that has been woven for over 40 years into our collections for men and women. A collection that lets life take its course, inspired by the Canal Saint-Martin, our first home. As comfortable on a bicycle as at the office or during a lazy weekend, our collections are designed to follow you through each and every moment of your day. 

For this SUMMER 19 Collection, HARRIS WILSON has crossed the US from East to West.  

We’re starting in Florida, with its luxurious vegetation, immersed in green, kaki, sand colours and off white shades. The fabrics are natural & enhanced by stripes. We are very much inspired by workwear (jacket, shorts…).

Our road trip leads us to New Orleans, following the sea, this is all about blue colour, horizon tons & shades of spices next to flower birds printed on linens and cottons. The summer soft jacket and double face raincoat are our essentials. 

We are crossing Arizona and heading to Venice Beach : Summer is here !

Brighter tons, from poppy red, terracotta, litchi are light up the collection.

Hibiscus flowers & pink flamingos are printed on sweaters and shirts.

The trip comes to an end on the beach, wearing a short sleeves shirt, light trousers & swimming shorts.



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