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Based in Paris, the HORSPIST brand has been able to prevail in the luxury ready-to-wear sector. Having proved its worth in France especially with the French music and audiovisual sector, the brand leaves the edges of the hexagon to conquer other countries. Present in many European capitals it seduces not only our neighbors but also the USA where the ranges of bright colors have made sensations.

She draws inspiration from the street wear universe. His culture and codes are for her the red son on which the HORSPIST universe is built. Thanks to rich creations and materials of excellent quality, HORSPIST confirms its position as an emerging brand. Positioned in luxury, it wants to offer its customers an alternative to the classic urban brands.

The full range of products offers a complete look, while staying dynamic and street. The Director artist is surrounded by young talents in order to meet the expectations of the young and trendy customers. Indeed the youth is for the brand synonymous with evolution and change.


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86/114 Avenue Louis Roche, 92230 Gennevilliers