With a free spirit, the IKKS man asserts his style through the great classic of men’s fashion: elegance, chic and sportswear. The excellence and expectation are driving this collection where each pieces from rock styles, or tailoring and military spirit are crossing each other and are the DNA of the brand. The Denim, a very precious and important piece for IKKS is declined in city version or casual. 

IKKS is a story of passion and instinct: the ones who raised-up in the time an attitude, a dressing room, in the history of the French fashion.

Gérard Le Goff created in 1987 IKKS with the desire to give the life to a collection for asserted children.

A modern and avant-gardist statement which will make the history of children's fashion to then, expend the collection for women and men.

Created in 2003, The men’s fashion puts IKKS Men as a global brand.

IKKS Men offers both tailored and sportswear looks. This is why the IKKS men’s wardrobe has every man’s own particular look: firstly very contemporary, almost avant-garde pieces and secondly, more casual and authentic models.

Like the way of life of the IKKS woman, the man is an urban active, who prefers comfort than the fast fashion trends. “Men at work” is his mantra: urban adventurer, he wants to be comfortable in his active life and also during his hobbies.


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Paris : 8 rue Barbette, 75003 Paris, France

Barcelone : Avenida Diagonal, 08008 Barcelona, Espagne

Bruxelles : 152 Chaussée de Waterloo, 1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Belgique