In 2011, we decided to break with our lives to launch JAGVI in France after experiences shared between France and Sweden. Inspired by these two cultures, our common passion is photography essential testimony refinement of our trips. Therefore, we wished to share with you an aesthetic heritage through our JAGVI contemporary, minimalist and urban menswear collections, combining high end fabrics with a well thought fit. 

We are an emergent French contemporary brand since 6 years. 

JAGVI created its first collection on summer 2011 in France by the combination of two complementary profiles, Pierre-Yves and Christine. Originally, we are found of the minimalist  product, smart and relaxed at the same time, the product which hits you with an emotion. JAGVI means "I and We" in Swedish, the idea of a convergent desire to create an authentic  premium menswear brand from its two founders. 

Contemporary,  Minimalist and timeless design, powered by its extremely fine fabrics and colors research define the style.  

A willingness to sustainability by the choice of exclusive fabrics from Europe and Japan, handcrafted manufacturing processes in France and Portugal with high ends natural or technical fabrics from Europe and Japan define the values. 


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