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One day in the life of the Man who inspires us starts in the early morning when he leaves his home, then goes on under the winter sun of an afternoon and ends up in festivity. More than ever, his dressing consists in fashion and timeless clothes to enhance him as a relaxed and confident person.

9h00 - This theme is built around the sweater, this season’s master item. Clothes are designed in a multitude of volumes but still with a soft feel and in a vintage aspect color range. Various colors of camouflage set the the scene for the season

2 pm - The theme’s dressing heralds the beginning of a new era in celebration of jeans. Indigos, checks and designs are reinterpreted in their forms and functions. The original and the current mix together as to create a timeless collection.

7 pm - he meets some friends downtown, elegant and relaxed as usual in his Milano blazer on top of his thin stitched hooded pullover.


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2 rue Etienne Marcel, 75001 Paris, France