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MAISON COLAS has adopted the JEANNE D’ARC helicopter carrier’s motto, “A seaworthy crew”, to stay on course inside the nautical world. 

With its ongoing, patient research for the noblest materials - canvases, knits, leathers - and accessories, inspired by history, that are developed and worked with a respect for fine craftsmanship, each MAISON COLAS piece has an authentic, unique character. 

Through our clothes and accessories, we pay homage to the men and women who inspired them and share their communal values for sea voyages: “courage, fraternity and commitment while respecting our differences”. 

This alchemy has helped MAISON COLAS sustain itself over time and perpetuate the high quality and traditions found in the nautical world. 


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37 rue de L'ancien Marche, 35800 Saint Lunaire, France