Most importantly, our history is built on the wonderful outcome of a meeting of two men: an extraordinary friendship between two passionate and visionary individuals. Their simple idea was to revolutionize the world of fashion and make leather garments accessible to everyone. That is how OAKWOOD, the leather brand was created. 

More than thirty years later, OAKWOOD continues to develop its craftsmen’s expertise in leather products and more than ever has established itself as a resolutely contemporary brand specialized in leather and textile garments. OAKWOOD has become a major actor in the outerwear market: it draws on its fashionable inspiration to create desirable collections compatible with the man or woman who you truly are. 

Above all, authenticity is the love of a job well done: taking advantage of our extensive know-how to obtain high quality leather that will continue to wear well year after year. 

It also means respecting others, which has enabled us to create special relationships, built on mutual trust, that connect us closely to our customers. 

Adopting a modern, contemporary attitude means observing the world, drawing inspiration from it and knowing how to express its desires and the changes it undergoes so that you continually challenge yourself to create a unique style: the OAKWOOD style. 

 We pay particular attention to the world around us and to all those who place their trust in us by choosing our designs, as well as to the people who work with us or for us. 

Our responsibility is to act with respect for each and every one of these people in order to secure our joint future. 


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