W Y L D E was created to go beyond each person’s anatomy and barriers in a search for union and awakening.

“We believe that by taking the risk of being one’s self, we will be freed from the dictates of fashion and taking things for granted.

We believe that by recognizing the simple value of the things around us, we will help knock down barriers.

We believe in those who give, who liberate, who are enthralled, who extend their hand and who follow their instincts. We created W Y L D E for them.”

Each W Y L D E garment is imagined to be a link between the self, the world and others. It will pulsate, unite and help free up restrictions to knock down barriers and awaken consciousness.

Knocking down barriers means doing things differently and letting each person be themselves while wearing a comfortable garment they can appropriate that doesn’t mold their body. It also means knowing how to “produce without destroying”.

W Y L D E garments are entirely eco-conceived in recycled cotton fibers and PET plastics and manufactured locally in France.

Collection AW.18.19 « Comme un poisson dans l’eau » 

The Winter 18.19 collection was inspired by a desire to be silent, let go and reflect on one’s self. A way of re-centering and listening to our inner voices to better reconnect with the world. Creative director Clarissa Acario chose to focus on collars as a way to emphasize our reflections.

The comfortable, wide, sometimes unisex cuts help associate different types, providing a link between free, relaxed bodies. The brand’s graphic, architectural influence is visible in the color mixes, materials, asymmetric cuts, seams and elegant, well-thought-out destructuring.


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