The brand Ritchie Jeans, born in1989 from a family desire, as the expression of a young mindset, free and genuine:

be highlighted and have an original style in all circumstances.

Ritchie Jeans dresses men, but also kid from 3 to 16 years old, offering, thanks to its inside style office, a complete and various line, of quality products, at the best affordable price.

Ritchie Jeans, it is today 25 collaboraters, for whom the craftsmanship passion, ability and creativity are present at all levels to put them at the heart of fashion.

Ritchie Jeans fits in a quest constantly renewed of excellence, comfort and style.

Ritchie Jeans, it is more than 500 points of sale in France, and a new deployment abroad.


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19 Avenue Paul Heroult

13015 Marseille France