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Each Schott NYC jacket comes with a story that has been written over the course of 90 years, four generations of Schott, 22 presidents, one King, and an American love affair with hitting the open road with the wind in your face and your troubles behind you.

We are a true-blue, real-deal, piece of Americana. Quality, innovation, and individuality define everything we do and every jacket we make. Whether protecting WWII fly boys in the air over Europe or infuriating the establishment on the backs of Brando and Dean, our jackets have become infused in American culture and have served as battle flags for the American spirit.         A success story that started in 1913 when 2 brothers, Irving and Jack Schott, sons of a Russian immigrant, decided to go after their piece of the American dream.

From 1913 until now, the Schott story has been marked with milestones: designing the very first motorcycle jacket, known as Perfecto, putting a zipper in a leather jacket in the 20’s, using their knowhow to help design and manufacture WW2 flight jackets in the 30’s, designing police jackets for State, patrol and city police in the 50’s, as well as designing goose down jackets as early as in the 60’s.

All along these years, Schott never stopped improving its iconic styles and is globally recognized as a major leading designer and manufacturer in the world of fashion and arts.



Our fundamentals, Army and Biker, remain strong in our collections but tend to more simplicity, thus becoming the basics of our wardrobe.

This year, the renewal of our collection is focusing on 2 new directions:

The Security theme, with technical and functional details inspired from security gear featuring multipocking, strapping, reflective taping and LED-built-in lighting.

The Sportech theme breaks free  from technical codes to conquer the boundless space of a  liberated street wear.

The multiple colorful puffer jackets with sport stripes compete with the ergonomic shaped parkas.


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