Founded in 1975 and located in the center of Paris, Séraphin is the last remaining French manufacturer of men’s leather clothing. 

Séraphin uses traditional handcrafted skills in its historic workrooms on the Quai de Valmy. 

The research for materials exclusive to the company sometimes leads the directors to faraway lands: crocodile from Sudan, goat from the Hunza Valley in Pakistan, elk from Lapland, deer from Pennsylvania, nymph lambs from Erythrea and Ethiopia, yak from Mongolia and caribou from Canada … Though the skins come from around the world, the jealously-kept manufacturing procedures are uniquely French. 

Almost 42 years after its creation, Séraphin has developed a reputation for quality and each model has a strong character. 

The individuality of each skin is celebrated rather than disguised: the nymph lamb, deer, elk, yak, caribou, bison and buffalo skins are drum-dyed without artificial finishings to conserve their natural beauty and incomparable hand. 

Séraphin offers its dealers the possibility of a custom-made service and personalization as well as broad range of materials and colors. 


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