The most innovative and contemporary evolution of classic looks.



FIGARET : In 1968, we were already making shirts. The best shirts possible. The most beautiful to look at and the most pleasant to wear. At once soft and resistant. Already, the concern for excellence in the manufacture inhabited us. Fifty-five years after the creation of Alain Figaret, he did not deny himself. On the contrary, our know-how has asserted itself.
Our historical manufacturers and suppliers, linked to the house for decades, have become partners, ever more concerned about quality.
The legitimacy and expertise of Figaret lies in this surgical knowledge of the garment.


SERAPHIN : Founded in 1975 and located in central Paris, Seraphin is unique among European luxury marques. One of the last remaining French menswear luxury leather ‘manufactures’ to use traditional artisanal skills; it operates from historic workshops on the Quai de Valmy where the tanners and leatherworkers of Paris were located in the time of Napoleon.
Seraphin sources skins from the world’s most exotic locations: Sudan for crocodile, Laponia for elk, Eritrea and Ethiopia for lambskin, Pennsylvania for deer, Hunza Valley for goat, Mongolia for yak, Canada for Caribou, Sami country for reindeer, Sahel for metis, Icelande for eider down… Skins are drum dyed and Seraphin eschews any artificial finish, preferring instead that the skins retain their natural qualities and original handle. reputation for quality and design that has made it a favourite of discriminating men the world over, who appreciate the luxurious masculinity of the house.


BERNARD ZINS : "A great pair of pants is one that lets you forget the one you've just left." - Mr Bernard Zins
We're not seeking fame. We're appreciated by those in the know, who can distinguish style from trend, and refinement from ostentation. In this era of overexposure, the ultimate luxury is discreet. At least as much as the elegance of our pants and the precision of their flair, like an extension of oneself. We think that expertise resides in the details, that an engineered cut and the comfort it provides are worth far more than a logo. That the fashion cycle should slow down, re-root itself in reality and humanity. BERNARD ZINS is above all the story of passionate men and women. Crafting today the pants of tomorrow, it's been a family affair for two generations now.