The recent alliance of SEEK and UNION in Berlin combines the strengths of both formats intending to offer buyers from all over the world an even more comprehensive experience in Germany’s fashion capital. THE JUNCTION starts simultaneously with UNION on 30.06.24 and ends with SEEK on 03.07.24.

July 2nd to 3rd 2024




“Bask in the Sun is a men's wardrobe with a strong iodine content, inspired by both the heritage of marine clothing and urban fashion. We develop original designs with clean and functional lines. From the Basque Country, we cultivate our differences and affirm the unique character of the brand season after season. From the very beginning, for each of our collections, we have made a point of using organic, natural and recycled materials as a priority in order to have the least possible impact on the environment.”



The word Beton (concrete) refers to the codes of urban street culture that the company’s designer uses to inspire her collections. Ciré (slicker) is a nod to the yellow slickers worn by sailors in Brittany. The resulting name evokes waves crashing on asphalt, one of the images designer Amélie Le Roux imagined in 2013 when she created Béton Ciré. The line takes inspiration from the city, the sea and voyages. The designer wants to embellish the pates of urban pirates around the world with a new take on Miki, the authentic Brittany sailor beanie. She was inspired by her grandfather, a native of Quimper, who wore the hat in every type of weather on land or sea. This high-end product is manufactured in France by hat craftsmen in noble, authentic materials. For the past few seasons, Béton Ciré has also offered new shapes in a desire to become an essential reference for headwear.



For the Spring-Summer 2025 collection "Sur Le Nil," Naomi Gunther presents a line inspired by the luxury of cruises on the majestic river, celebrating an elegant evocation of the aesthetic from the novel "Death on the Nile." “The collection is distinguished by its carefully crafted shapes and volumes, featuring fluid drapes and structured silhouettes for a look that is both elegant and bold. Interesting and organic textures add a tactile dimension, evoking the waves of the Nile and ancient stones. The materials used (organic cotton, linen, tweed, etc.) offer comfort and luxury, playing with transparency and reflections. GUNTHER has created original fabrics for this occasion. Dominant sandy hues recall the golden shores and desert landscapes, while exclusive prints add a touch of originality. A collection of accessories complements these pieces, featuring antique textures and various motifs reminiscent of a Nile cruise. The collection is made in France, in Paris, in our own workshops.”



“This season is an ode to the beauty of our world and every living being that exists in it. We were inspired by a harmonious blend of organic textures and shapes ranging from our body’s cells to tree’s barks. Embracing two different color themes this season, our first is made for spring and inspired by earthy and muted tones, exuding a sense of grounding. The second color theme is thought out for summer, a vibrant mix of more primary colors bursting with vivacity.”



VETRA (French portmanteau for workwear) was founded in Paris in 1927. Since then, the family-business still manufactures 100% in France in its own factory, genuine French workwear in authentic fabrics. Renowned worldwide, Vétra is craved by city boys and girls seeking products with an history and a meaning. The fourth-generation combines the nine-decade savoir-faire with modern sensibility to create today's wear, iconic and fashionable.



Project X Paris is the challenge of two young French designers to combine the art of urban living with current trends. Combining lifestyle and streetwear, the young brand born in 2015, has conquered the biggest cities such as Dubai, Berlin, London or Los Angeles before moving to Paris.