The quest for new style canons that anticipate trends.



ALBUM PARIS : Album is a Paris based fashion brand. It is a collaboration between designers, photographers, artists, musicians, art directors, film directors, architects and many other creative people/minds; the clothing is the result of this many interactions. Modern luxury is transforming the everyday wardrobe into the ideal.
Album represents free thinking and independent people who think outside of the box. Album reinvents basics with sophisticated cuts and attention to the details that make clothes/product stand out. To achieve this, high-quality and partially upcycled fabrics from Italy and Japan are used.


AMERICAN COLLEGE : American College is the story of two childhood friends, musicians and composers, who wanted to see the fashion icons of the past. They were at a small coffeeshop, when they brought up tthe idea (maybe a little nuts at that time) to remake an old, forgotten jacket: the "Varsity". On that crazy spot, they decided to make that dream turn into reality. Thanks to the original cut and trendy look, the jacket they conceptualize becomes a reference; the most recognized fashion magazines, and the finest outlets see the brand as a new shining star. The AC Varsity is born, with its colors, its style ... More than a garment, it is an urban & arty concept taken by actors, DJs and celebs all over the world


ARMOR LUX : Founded in 1938 in the city of Quimper in Brittany, Bonneterie d’Armor is today a French textile manufacturer leader with over 5 million pieces sold per year. The company gained its reputation for high quality contemporary apparel with its iconic knitted Breton striped shirt.
Brand identity : Armor : «Land by the sea» in Breton. Lux : «light» in Latin.


Bask in the Sun is a French brand that offers a sustainable men's wardrobe with a strong iodine content, inspired by both the heritage of marine clothing and urban fashion.


GUNTHER : A wardrobe at the intersection of worlds - a hybrid aesthetic that brings together pieces inspired by streetwear and reinvented classics.


JAGVI : Based in Paris in the hear t of Saint Germain des Prés, JAGVI. Rive Gauche is a sustainable and contemporary men’s fashion brand born in 2012. On a premium segment.
Meaning me and us in Swedish (2 co-founders, French Pierre-Yves and Swedish Christine), the brand claims an eco-designed and eco-friendly approach through the choice of its fabrics and its local manufacturing in France and Portugal (thus limiting our carbon footprint). Our style is contemporary, minimalist and eclectic too. Our engrained inspiration for an emotional minimalism. Rooted in fabrics and an elemental style, we achieve the “emotional” minimalist style through the use of luxurious fabrics with a “rustic” spirit. We mix pure lines with an “urban folk” thanks to eclectic refined sustainable fabrics. 

les garçons faciles

LES GARÇONS FACILES : french brand, created in marseille in 2011. We design quality and trendy knitted clothes for men with the view to reconcile the cool aspect of knit with the elegance of classic garments. We dress men who love clothes : easy and representative of who they are. Music and cinema from the 60’s, 70’s, lifestyle “à la française” remain our roots and continue to inspire us everyday.


NOYOCO : “Earth to the Moon” is inspired by northern landscapes. This AW24 collection offers minimalist, comfortable and elegant silhouettes, highlighting sustainable materials such as merino wool and organic cotton.
The natural color palette, obtained through low-impact dyeing techniques, includes mineral, earthy and organic tones, from khaki to icy blue.
The AW24 collection is a complete, refined and versatile wardrobe, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.


OLOW : Founded in 2006 by two longtime friends Mathieu Sorosina and Valentin Porcher, OLOW is a distinguished French clothing brand based in Paris. With a commitment to creativity, community, and sustainability, OLOW takes you on a journey through each collection, where every season is a new adventure, a chance to connect with artists and explore the world.
Our heart beats in Portugal, where we collaborate with ethical factories to craft our garments. We only use sustainable European quality fabrics, like GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled wool, ensuring that each piece is a testament to both style and eco-consciousness. Artistic collaborations are at our core, as we work with a diverse group of artists, including world-renowned talents. This synergy between art and fashion results in unique collections that speak to your individuality.


OUEST PARIS : founded in 2022 by arthur robert, ouest paris is a mix of a designer brand, streetwear and denim; A mix of paris, biarritz and a dreamed california. raw denim, skate-inspired pieces, folk volumes, workwear details and durable fabrics; A cool and creative complete wardrobe, with most products being manufactured within the eu, at the fairest price possible. Proudly based in a multicultural city, ouest paris is fully aware of the environmental and societal issues of our times.


PAS UNE MARQUE : Pas Une Marque introduces "Seams of Dissent," its Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Tailored for the contemporary philosopher, it redefines luxury attire, appealing to those who value curiosity, knowledge, and nonconformity. Drawing inspiration from profound literature and films, the collection explores dystopian themes, mirroring societal complexities and challenges. Merging rebellious urban fashion with high-end luxury, "Seams of Dissent" symbolically uses seams to challenge fashion norms and encourage discussions. The collection, featuring luxurious fabrics, precise tailoring, and unique material combinations, embodies a fusion of nonconformity and individuality, resonating with those who critically engage with the world around them.


VALETTE STUDIO : Graduated from the Chambre Syndicale and of the Yves Saint Laurent Institute, Pierre-François Valette founded his label in 2020. Valette Studio rethought a Parisian factory with a strong sense of teamwork at every stage of creation. Each collection is highly referenced, drawing on a multitude of artistic and cultural inspirations. And yet, the garments created remain easy for consumers to approach, leaving them free in their interpretation and possible associations. In tune with the times, Valette Studio develops an eco-responsible approach by working with deadstocks fabrics and favoring on-demand production. Valette Studio renews his purpose while preserving the essence of the Maison. Uncompromising standards, precise cuts and genuine French savoir-faire. Cool tailoring inspired by the great classics of the men’s wardrobe, who expressed in a deliberately non-genre manner.


VERY RARE : Raf Reyes infuses a unique narrative into the world of contemporary fashion with his latest collection for VERYRARE. This range, a vivid embodiment of his artistic vision, is less about adhering to a singular theme and more a celebration of the multifaceted experiences of modern youth. The collection unfolds with a relaxed vibe, featuring items like the Beach in the Matrix, which combines digital artistry with organic elements, and the 'Cobra' symbolizing both danger and elegance.
Each piece is accessorized with an array of elements that speak to the wearer's VERY OWN journey: from the bold imagery of the Take Your Pills design, challenging perceptions of wellness, to the Whole Lotta vRed [Hoodie], inspired by the psychological depths of neo-noir japanese animation. Unlike the lavish adornments of the past, Reyes's approach to accessories is understated, yet deeply personal — think of talismans and souvenirs representing individual stories and memories.