16th - 17th of January 2024
Station Berlin

It's a double premiere. SEEK is not only presenting the first edition of its new chapter in January 2024 but is also welcoming a strong new partner on board: UNION Showroom.



FLEUR DE BAGNE : FLEURS DE BAGNE is a French brand created in 2012. Our philosophy is to produce and offer to our customers, quality clothing, robust, durable and full of history… We draw our inspiration from clothing civil and military of the past, which we rework with new materials and more contemporary cuts. Our research work is really based on historical facts of the "MILIEU", the history of the French tattoo before the war,the songs and pictures of the shallows, the military stories and other historical facts of the navy...
Thus, you will find in each model stamped FLEURS DE BAGNE a story. That of the "True Ones"... A story written in pain and respect.


SCHOTT NY : From 1913 until now, the Schott story has been marked with milestones: designing the very first motorcycle jacket, known as Perfecto, putting a zipper in a leather jacket in the 20’s, using their knowhow to help design and manufacture WW2 flight jackets in the 30’s, designing police jackets for State, patrol and city police in the 50’s, as well as designing goose down jackets as early as in the 60’s.
All along these years, Schott never stopped improving its iconic styles and is globally recognized as a major leading designer and manufacturer in the world of fashion and arts.