17th - 23rd of January 2024
18 rue Commines, 75003 Paris

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MOUTY : MOUTY reinterprets the codes of the masculine wardrobe by offering an instinctive fashion, combining in a bold and subtle way, the «street tayloring» and the «soft masculinity». At the heart of our philosophy lies the  singular ability to bring together universes that destiny seemed destined never to cross. MOUTY builds a cool and harmonious world, challenging standards with unbridled creativity while remaining true to its urban roots.

For this collection, we wanted to talk about spirituality and unity, talk about a collective united under the same banner: that of humanity. Defending a certain idea of brotherhood at a time when everyone is opposed. A benevolent community, free, transcended in a cloud of idealism and cerebral sophistication.


WALK IN PARIS : For Walk In Paris Spring Summer 24 collection, the majesty of Colorado landscapes meets Parisian elegance. A world where towering peaks and mysterious forests blend harmoniously with the timeless charm of Paris.
This collection is an ode to travel and great crossings, whether made by van across Route 66, or on foot through the mountains of Yosemite Park.The styles mix from streetwear to workwear through the chic of the 70's.
The path, the road, the adventure and the discovery are symbols of evolution and personal fulfillment at Walk in Paris.